The Story

After 6 successful years the award winning digital PR agency Democracy PR was ready for a rebrand as they realised their original brand no longer represented them or their attitude. I was asked to work with them to create a new vision for the future of their business.  I worked with the whole team at democracy, running a branding session to get to understand where they all saw the future of the company.

We quickly established that they were not a stuffy or corporate group, but fun, inviting and talkative after, all there job was to get people to talk about the brands they represent.  We developed the strapline ‘get people talking’, and developed a logo brand guidelines, an office rebrand with internal graphics and an online presence.

We also looked at the way they communicated with their clients, new business opportunities and created case study videos, coverage boards and case study docs. We developed an infographic report template that could be used to keep clients updated on the teams progress.

Democracy Rebrand

Concept, Branding session, Logo Design, UX, Website design, Internal Communications, Office Graphics

Lead Creative and Designer