The Story
Family jam makers Duerr’s have been making jams since 1881. They are the largest independent producer in the UK.  I was asked to create their first consumer focused website.  In the past they had only ever spoken to the supermarkets, and the new website needed to to be a welcome and inviting place for communicating directly to their consumers and to help develop brand loyalty.

The concept was based around the idea of Duerrs farm with a  family farmhouse kitchen to give the site a fresh, vibrant and welcoming feel, and to let people become more familiar with the wide range of products that Duerr’s make.  Along with a strong social media campaign the site has been a huge success and has transformed the relationship Duerrs has with their consumers.  We also created a mobile app that allows Duerrs to share classic british moments each morning.

Website Design

UX, Creative Concept, Illustration, Web Design

Creative Designer

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