The Story
Jon Lock and his son had been in the barber business for 15 years and wanted a new name and direction for the business, Squires Barbershop was created.  They wanted to be a friendly traditional barbers and wanted to go back to basics and embrace the surge in trend for traditional skills, cool style and a laid back vibe.  They had the location in the cool town, they just needed their brand to tell right story.  I worked with the owners to create a brand that feels like its been around forever, we used local carpenters to make bespoke signage and a stencil of the logo to give a traditional yet contemporary feel.
To communicate the owners fun, laid back approach, I created the stags two characters used in the shop window and across the communications.  The finished result has transformed the business and resulted in new staff and expansion.

Squires Re Brand

Concept, Branding, Signage, Website, Illustration

Role :
Creative Designer